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       The websites and web apps I produce are clean, modern and fresh, using clean code each uniquely designed.

       My websites are builded with mobile-first design in mind because modern internet users are browsing the internet on their phone over 70% of the time. 

       I am redefining my design process to incorporate mobile-first and responsive web design strategies. In doing so, I hope to build websites that are effective in reaching target audiences on both mobile and desktop browsing.

       I am testing all my websites in the most commonly used browsers at different screen resolutions.


Creating a design concept that is suited to your industry and customer

A specially designed webpage for displaying images and video materials

A simple to use management system for updating your website’s content

A dedicated page that can be used to enter daily records / news or act as a blog

The design adapts acording to the size of the screen on which it is displayed

Integration of a script that measures the frequency of online traffic to your website

Shows the location of your business on Google maps and displays it on your website

An unlimited number of pages and sub pages for the development of your website

Offers the possibility to have real time concersations with your website visitors

Animated banner on the main page with slideshow function for images

Install scripts of your choice for Facebook / Twitter / Google + and many more

Contact form which allows visitors to send a message or make a reservation

An instrument that translates your website;s content in multiple languages

Function through which users can register / subscribe to your website for news



We talk about the content, pictures and ideas you have, and then I come to your support with other suggestions and tips.


I analyze your content, your competitors and the industry in general. After that I build first mockup and I will provide for your review.From that point onwards we began an iterative feedback based process until everyone is happy to end result.


After you are agree with the design, I make that all information, content, images and forms to be functional and then build up the first version of your website and sent you the link. I am careful at responsive design and speed optimization on this step of process. Just when you give me a good feedback of work, we are done with development of website.


I am a professional and that is why I will provide maintenance and updates in time for your website. You will receive a report with everything that is essential to know about your website (from site traffic to optimization speed).

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I strive to build the strongest relationships with my clients, thus increasing our efficiency and delivering my best service to my customers.